Jay S. Weiner has Marketing and Sales Skills

Posted by Admin / May 24th, 2012

When it comes down to it, thirty years of experience in marketing and sales is a very long time. Jay S. Weiner has marketing and sales skills in pretty much every sense that you can have them. A person who has worked in an industry for three decades cannot help but pick up a few important details, tips, tricks, and methods. Jay S. Weiner has perfected the strategies for running professional, mortgage, and financial, businesses.

Jay S. Weiner wants to be able to leverage his history and his commitment to the industry into a position at a firm that needs him and his unique knowledge of the industry. Barring that, Jay S. Weiner is perfectly happy to help found such a firm.

Jay S. Weiner Became the New Chief Executive Officer

Posted by Admin / April 21st, 2012

Jay S. Weiner credits his success as a businessman to his educational background. After that education, though, he began his career in the financial mortgaging industry in 1982. He became a Branch Manager for Northeastern Mortgage Company. For over eight years, Jay S. Weiner was a branch manager with Northeastern Mortgage Company, running and managing three branches during this time.

In 1990, Jay S. Weiner became a Partner and Loan Officer at the Main Street Mortgage Company Inc. in North Andover, Massachusetts. He founded this company and still lives in North Andover, Massachusetts. In 1993, Jay S. Weiner became the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Olde Town Mortgage Company Inc. This was a company that essentially just consisted of Weiner as the sole employee at first, but would eventually grow to a high of $550 in closed loan production annually.

Jay S. Weiner of North Andover, Massachusetts, is an accomplished businessman in every sense of the word. His business acumen is obvious, if one simply reads the information above, but he is incredibly experienced in the fields of marketing and sales. In fact, Jay S. Weiner has over three decades of experience in those fields. He is a specialist when it comes to financial mortgaging companies and analysis.

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